Turkish warplanes hits 3 Daesh targets in northern Syria, as FSA continues to allege to al-Bab

Turkish warplanes broken 3 targets belonging to Daesh terrorists in northern Syria, a troops pronounced on Saturday.

According to troops sources, an atmosphere operation was conducted Saturday between 11.53 a.m. (0853 GMT) and 12.26 p.m. (0926 GMT), that resulted in a drop of 3 Daesh targets in Tatimus and Kunah Tira regions.

The Turkish warplanes safely returned to their bottom during a finish of a operation.

The assuage opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) army also managed to take control of a Tatimus and Kunah Tira regions, that lies west of al Rai, a city heavily contested between a FSA and Daesh given March.

The operation in a segment has been underway given 1.00 p.m.

Meanwhile, troops sources remarkable that 5 antithesis fighters have been killed and 6 were harmed as a outcome of makeshift explosives in Tatimus segment on Friday.

Moreover, a Turkish troops strike 67 Daesh targets by 59 t-122 ÇNRA rocket launchers and 260 howitzers, adding to a 652 targets and 2,728 shells in sum given a start of a operation.

Also on Friday, bloc army killed 5 Daesh terrorists in 3 airstrikes, that broken 5 buildings and trebuchet positions belonging to a terrorists.

The Turkish troops launched Operation Euphrates Shield on Aug. 24 to urge security, support bloc army and discharge a apprehension hazard along Turkey’s limit regulating Free Syrian Army fighters corroborated by Turkish armor, artillery and jets.

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