Khawaja Izhar arrested but warrants: Farooq Sattar  

KARACHI: MQM Pakistan personality Dr Farooq Sattar has settled that Khawaja Izharul Hassan was taken into control though detain warrants.

Speaking to media outward a chateau of Khawaja Izhar, Farooq Sattar strongly cursed detain of MQM personality and pronounced it was an insult of domestic and approved system.

He pronounced detain of Khawaja Izhar, though warrants, shows feeling towards MQM.

“It is not a matter of using celebration from London though it shows feeling towards MQM,” he said.

“Neither indicted nor anything bootleg was found from a chateau of Khawaja Izhar,” he said.

Police on Friday took MQM Pakistan personality Khawaja Izharul Hassan into custody.

SSP Malir Rao Anwar arrived during a chateau of Khawaja Izhar in Buffer Zone area and took him into custody. Khawaja was handcuffed and taken divided into armoured vehicle.

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