Clooney yearns to see a change in lives of war-hit Syrians

LONDON: George Clooney did not vote for Donald Trump and does not think he is the right choice to run the US. But he hopes Trump succeeds in office.
“We have to hope that he can do a decent job, because when the president of the US fails, really terrible things happen,” Clooney said at the London reception for Syria rescue-workers documentary “The White Helmets.”
The actor recently defended fellow star Meryl Streep after she took aim at the president-elect in a speech at the Golden Globe Awards.
Clooney’s production company is working on a feature-film version of the story of the Syrian Civil Defense “White Helmets,” search-and-rescue teams who have gained international recognition for rescuing people from bombed-out buildings in Aleppo.
He and his lawyer wife, Amal Clooney, have given their support to the Netflix-backed documentary, which is on the 10-strong Academy Awards shortlist for best documentary short.
Clooney said that as a celebrity, “I can’t change policy … but I can make things louder.
“The White Helmets are the heroes. So if I can help them out at all, and people can know about it, in any way possible, that’s a good use of celebrity, I think.”
Commenting on his upcoming film adaptation of “The White Helmets,” Clooney said: “The reality is, films are very different to docs. We have to find someone to write it, there’s got to be a story. We’re working on that now. We just got the rights a couple of weeks ago, give me a chance!”
In an interview with GQ magazine, Clooney said there are many ways by which readers can make a difference in the lives of Syrians.
“The important thing is to get yourself informed: there are lots of ways to do that nowadays. Whatever that is: if it’s watching a documentary, if it’s looking it up, if it’s understanding that what’s going on involves real human beings, that they’re not other people or numbers. Once you see that and understand that — you’ll find you treat everybody differently. I think that’s important. Anything you can do to [reach that feeling] is helpful. It’s going to take a lot of humanity to fix this inhumanity.”

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