Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co. announces the Appointment of a board member of directors

AlYamamah Steel Industries Co. announces Its Board of Directors resolution of today Thursday 14-04-1438H Corresponding 12-01-2017G, to appoint Mr. Abdulhamid bin Abdulaziz Mohammed Alohali as independent board member to fill the vacancy until the end of the current session of the board of directors on 25-06-2017G. The appointment will be presented to upcoming meeting of General Assembly of the shareholders for confirmation.Mr. Abdulhamid bin Abdulaziz Alohali holds a Bachelor of Industrial Marketing Management from the University of King Fahd Petroleum and Minerals in 1987, and held a variety of executive positions and enjoys a professional biography of outstanding experience in industry and business management in addition to his membership in a number of corporate boardrooms.

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